Joya Cousin Luxury Oil Portraits

Whether it is to celebrate your own journey or to honor a cherished loved one, there’s nothing quite like the life-affirming luxury of a portrait painting in oils.

Joya Cousin believes that our stories matter. What we leave behind matters. Joya paints portraits for clients who wish to celebrate life, love and legacy in a luxurious and long-lasting way.

Joya’s portraits and figurative works are painted in a vivid yet realistic style. She incorporates elements reminiscent of the long held traditions of the old masters, with a decidedly contemporary feel. She is equally inspired by the dramatic effects of light and shadow perfected by Rembrandt, and the bold use of color and individual brushstrokes enjoyed by van Gogh.

Working from her studio in Brittany, Joya’s original paintings can now be found in public spaces and private collections in France, Spain, Russia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Join over one hundred satisfied clients and counting. Work with Joya to tell your story through distinctive oil paintings that will last for generations.