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I’ll Always Come Back to You


And at an early age in the cane field I start to sing
I’m from a family of 13, and you know that’s a lot of mouths
So I decided to go away to help Papa out

But I’ll always come back to you, I’ll always come back to you
And if I can’t come back I’ll cry to nyam funghi, I’ll die
I’ll always come back to you, I’ll always come back to you
And if I can’t come back I’ll cry to be at Brother B, I’ll die

Antigua and Barbuda, you know we’ve had some trying times
So in order to survive I had to sing the Calypso …

Today I’m Inspired by: King Short Shirt

McClean Emanuel was born on February 28, 1942 on the island of Antigua. The last of nine children, he is the son a fisherman, and grew up in the low-income urban district of Point. At the age of 20, he brought his awesome talent into the spotlight, when he entered his first calypso competition. He made it to the finals, but was eliminated in the first round.  By 1964, however, he walked away with the crown that would start his first three-year winning streak as King Short Shirt, Calypso Monarch of Antigua.

Short Shirt was confident and brash, calling himself the “Cassius Clay of Calypso”. He won the local crown again in 1969 and went on to win six more …

Happy Birthday to the Master Blaster

Happy 60th birthday, Sir Viv! I remember the early-eighties glory days of the indomitable West Indies cricket team. I am proud of this handsome, charming, uber talented and passionate Antiguan “Son of the Soil”, Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards.

In the words of King Short Shirt:

Vivi is the name, cricket is the game
Brother I don’t know how he could play cricket so
But his batting, bowling, fielding, catching is breathtaking
Sometimes I does wonder if he’s a next Sobers In the making
That man Richards Could really bat
Is something him on the attack
Plundering bowlers again and again
It’s remarkable how he does dictate the game

No bowler holds a terror for Vivian Richards
Not …