Light Up the World with Your Smile

A smile is one of the most natural, inexpensive and wonderful things in the world. Here are nine great reasons to develop the habit of smiling more this year:

1. Smiling makes your world beautiful

The world looks beautiful when you are smiling. The next time you’re feeling anxious, depressed or worried, take a few deep breaths and smile. Smiling will help you see the world through a happier lens.

2. Smiling lifts your mood

Studies have shown that as a result of smiling, your body will slow its heart rate, and release natural pain killers, endorphins, and serotonin.  Even if you were feeling bored, frustrated or angry, before you know, smiling will have you feeling happier and more positive than you were before.

3. Smiling will keep you healthier

Smiling is a natural drug. There is a great reduction in your blood pressure when you smile. It can improve digestion, increase blood flow, lower blood sugar levels, reduce stress and improve sleep. Smiling will also boost your immune system by raising your levels of infection-fighting antibodies. You’ll have fewer flues and sniffles.

4. Smiling makes you more attractive

People look their best when smiling. With a smile on your face you will magically appear more likeable, attractive and approachable — especially to the opposite sex. By lifting the muscles in your face, smiling also helps you look younger.

5. Smiling magnetically attracts others to you

When you walk into a room, smile at other people — they will smile back. Just watch as  awkwardness and tension melt away. While an unpleasant demeanor can ruin moods and destroy confidence in others, a genuine smile is magnetic.

6. Smiling helps others to like and trust you

Smiling communicates your openness to others. When you smile, you acknowledge people and connect with them, you form a bond that will make them more friendly, empathetic and helpful to you. Smiling makes others feel acknowledged, empowered and validated. They will trust you and want to be around you.

7. Smiling brings you success

Smiling communicates your confidence. Waitresses who smile have been proven to make more tips, and salespeople who smile make more sales. People who smile are more approachable, and seen to be more likeable, confident and capable. Wear a smile at job interviews and at business meetings and see how differently others react to you.

8. Your smile lights up the world

Smiling is your gift to the world. One of the most simple pleasures of life is when you smile at someone and they smile back. Frowns and seriousness create barriers, and push people away, but smiles draw them in.  When you’re around someone who is happy and smiling, it is almost impossible not to feel good, too. Your smiles will bring happiness, and you will create open, relaxed and positive interactions around you everywhere you go.

Here are some tips to help you smile more this year:
1. Take care of your smile. Brush and floss daily and after meals, and visit your dentist regularly.
2. Keep happy thoughts in mind as you go through the day – think of your favorite songs and reflect on things and people you love.
3. Take the time to smile authentically. Practice feeling a smile slowly spread across your face slowly all the way up to your eyes.
4. Create pleasant experiences in your day — go for a walk to breathe in fresh air, feel the sunshine.
5. Look for opportunities to smile by being nice to others –give way in traffic, give up your seat to an elderly person on the bus, or volunteer with a local cause.

Light up the world with your smile!


About Joya Cousin

A former award-winning telecommunications executive from the gorgeous Caribbean, I now live in France with my husband. I have found my new passion as a visual artist, creating vibrant paintings in a contemporary expressionist style.

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  1. takunda
    January 24, 2013 at 7:04 AM

    Hi Joya

    Many thanks for the article and yes indeed it has put a broader smile on my face.l am a lady management trainee majoring in Food and Beverage at the Victoria Falls Rainbow hotel and the department is nothing without smiling waiters,guests would just turn back and leave . As such l am spearheading a “fresh smile” campaign to make all associates understand the importance of a smile particularly in the hotel – from the time the guest checks in,the restaurant,rooms,corridors etc.Is there any material you could send to me that would assist in the smooth delivery of this campaign?


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